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Waving goodbye

Google is halting development on Google Wave, to me this is a sad day. Wave is a very useful tool for managing projects and I myself was looking forward to developing something with a few others and using Google Wave to communicate, I might not get that chance sadly. 🙁 Google has stopped developing Wave …

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Waving goodbye to 2009

Waving goodbye to 2009, we’ll miss you 2009! Video made by Whirled Interactive, the people that brought us the Pulp Wave Fiction video. The best part of the year 2009 for me has got to be the release of Windows 7, the most tragic being the death of Michael Jackson. What is your favourite thing …

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Google Wave Invites

For those who have still not received an invite, here’s your chance! I’m giving out 3 invites, completely free, first 3 people to post a comment get them. For those that have never heard of Google Wave, here are 2 videos: Samuel L. Jackson and Google Wave Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009, …

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Samuel L. Jackson and Google Wave

Here’s a great video that demonstrates some of the features of Google Wave while listening to some Samuel L. Jackson quotes.