Passwords Article

Just thought I’d share a good article on using strong passwords, I thought it was quite good.

RIAA says “DRM is dead”

Source Finally, it’s about damn time. While I have never bought music off of any electronic stores like iTunes I still feel it was stupid and only effected the legit users. Now we just need to get the DRM off the movies and some of the games.

Two Google related images

Two funny little images I found while on Digg:

LWB0T page

Well I finally got around to writing a page about my mIRC Scripted bot: LWB0T, you may find it at the top of this page labeled “LWB0T”. Just a small edit to this post, I also managed to get the RPX plugin installed, you can now login to this site with your Twitter account, Gmail …

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Hello and welcome to my website, I figured I would put something as the main page instead of just the boring old index, so I thought I’d use WordPress, take a look at the links on the side. I’m still quite new to WordPress so bare with me as I get more content up, if …

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