Making of OK Go’s Rube Goldberg Machine

Leo Laporte over at the TWiT Netcast Network interviewed the people that made Ok Go’s Rube Goldberg Machine, I found it interesting so I just thought I’d share it. Below you can find a Youtube video of it or you can Click Here for a downloadable version. Leo Laporte also did an interview with Damian …

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April fool’s day

Well it’s that time of year again… the time of year when all the clowns come out to play. I don’t have any pranks up my selves (or do I?), though I have found some pretty good ones by other people/companies. Google Jail Google came out this year with “Google Jail”, in which Google plans …

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NCL Cruise

I thought I would share with you all where I’ve been the previous week, I’ll keep this short as there are a lot of pictures for your viewing pleasure. I went on a Freestyle cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) last week on the Norwegian Jewel. I went to Miami,Florida to get on the ship, …

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My own domain

I now have my own domain name,, just felt excited about this and thought I’d share. You can still access this site from, though it would be pointless as that link just redirects back to If anyone is curious, I purchased my domain from for $9.75/year (without the tax added, ca …

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Backing up

I can’t stress enough how important it is that you backup all of your files, the risk of hard drive failure is too great to not backup. Also, Backing up to another hard drive and deleting the original is not a backup! It’s important that you have at least 3 copies of a file. At …

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One Frame of Fame and Backupify

Artists C-Mon & Kypski are taking a different approach to advertise their new album, browse over to where you will be asked to take a picture of yourself (with your webcam) matching the pose they provide. They will then add that picture to the ‘More is Less’ music video that already has 8322 pictures …

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Waving goodbye to 2009

Waving goodbye to 2009, we’ll miss you 2009! Video made by Whirled Interactive, the people that brought us the Pulp Wave Fiction video. The best part of the year 2009 for me has got to be the release of Windows 7, the most tragic being the death of Michael Jackson. What is your favourite thing …

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Why did the can fall over?

Why did the can fall over?

Video explains all pretty much.

Note: This was not made by me, click on the post to see the video

Merry Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and Santa’s a wreck.

How to live in a world – that’s politically correct?

His workers no longer would answer to Elves,

Vertically Challenged they were calling themselves.

And labor conditions at the north pole

Were alleged by the union to stifle the soul.

This Year In Auto-Tune 2009

This Year in Auto-Tune 2009, I have found two very good videos and I’d thought I should share them.

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