100 of the Best Websites

First of all! Happy Canada day! Here’s a flag! 🙂 Also, by now I hope you have noticed the little icons at the top of this site, they will link you to my various profiles and accounts (except for the RSS Feed one which is of course the link my blog’s RSS Feed). Now on …

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Classic Awesomeness

Two awesome youtube videos I found that contain some good ol’ 8bit stuff, enjoy! If you’re reading this from the homepage, click on the post to see the videos.

Still up!

Well, today has been an interesting day, the last two days actually. About Sunday my room was flooded with water, I had to get everything out of my room and rip the carpet out. The source of the water is still not exactly determined, it’s either water from the outside or sewage water (there is …

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Best free software of 2011

Another great article from PCMag, this time it’s about the Best free software of 2011. This one covers over 200 pieces of different software for Windows, Linux, Mac, Portable (software you can put on your USB flash drives) and Mobile (apps for various phones such as android). You may find that article here. Like before, …

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History of Command and Conquer

I found this 5-part series on the history of Command and Conquer (or C&C), part of Machinima’s “All Your History Are Belong To Us” series, to be most interesting and fun.  It describes pretty much the entire history of C&C quite well (in my opinion), from when the C&C franchise was first started by Westwood …

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100 Best Games of All Time

I was going to do something video game related, along the lines of this but it looks like PC Gamer did it for me though. No I’m kidding, I could never compile such a list, although stay tuned, in a week or so I will be making a post that is similar perhaps. Without further …

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Another NCL Cruise

My last post was almost a month ago and about Christmas so I thought I better get on here and make another post. From January 2nd to the 12th I was on another NCL ship for a 10 day Cruise, I just thought I would share the pictures I took. I should warn you, there …

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Happy Holidays

Well it’s that time of year again, yes that’s right, it’s Halloween… err wait, that was in October… oh yes I remember now, it’s Christmas! The time of year where you are forced to spend time with your family and friends. As you should be able to see I have added a little touch of …

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Largest Photo in the World

Well, I haven’t posted in just about a month now so I thought I would take this chance to make a post, I should be making another post with my own content soon. On to the subject of this blog post, the largest photo of the world (as of November 2010)! Shot by Jeffrey Martin …

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Yes that day has finally arrived. As I did last year I will be updating this post with the costumes I see, the time they come and the amount of people we get. I’d also like to wish Nuk3d a Happy bday. All Times are in GMT -5 or EST(Eastern Standard Time) First …

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