Well I’ll start off by saying LWB0T is a mIRC Scripted IRC bot, I hope to someday release it but at the moment there are too many bugs and too much messy Scripting in it for it to be fit for release.

LWB0T has many Scripts in it, most Scripted by myself, others just little snippets or Scripts found on mIRC Script sites.

Here’s a list of functions it currently has which have been Scripted by myself:

  • !8ball Script, answers read out of a txt file
  • Somewhat functional Multi-Channel and Server Modlist Script, modlist script also includes many ChanServ inspired features such as Restricted (when set, only users in LWB0T’s modlist can join a channel) and ModControl (when set, only LWB0T may set channel user modes such as Voice (+), Halfop (%), Op (@), Admin (&), and Owner (~))
  • An internal Access list, still needs to be worked into the bot more
  • Quotes system
  • Host/Address database, grabs the $address(3) of a user and stores it in an ini file, currently LWB0T uses a user’s $address for most of it’s permissions (Accesslist, Modlist, Owner Commands, etc)
  • Channel Auto-Join Script, uses tokens
  • Many defence Scripts so that it can’t be banned and reconnects when a /kill is performed on it, channel mode defence (needs improving), if someone is using the bot’s nick when it connects it will ghost kill them and perform regular On Connect events
  • Join Message system that supports colour(ctrl+k), bold(ctrl+b), underline(ctrl+u), and plain(ctrl+o)
  • Channel access script (!modcmds) which has commands such as !op, !kick, !ban, etc
  • Multi-server and channel Custom Commands Script, you can add commands which output text, i.e. first add command “!test”: !cmd add test test cmd, typing !test would make lwb0t output “test cmd” in the current channel
  • Command anti-spam (mainly for commands which output text to a channel)
  • Channel Settings, with channel settings you can turn off many of LWB0T’s channel based functions, such as it’s channel modlist(and it’s extra settings), Join Messages, Custom Commands, Auto Voice, and Welcome Message
  • Server logging and some services logging
  • Help database system, a command and a description of that command can be added to the help command via a command, stored in an ini

Here’s a list of Scripts it has in it which are not made by myself:

Currently I plan to do the following:

  • Custom Command trigger, if a bot in a channel already uses “!” to identify commands this would be useful to make it so commands don’t go to other bots when they are meant for LWB0T or another bot
  • My own Birthday Countdown Script
  • Incorporate LWB0T more into LWB0T’s Accesslist script
  • Improve LWB0T’s Quotes system – Done
  • Make it easier for someone to add to what LWB0T does when it starts up or connects to a server
  • Add to services logging and improve server logging – In Progress

Currently LWB0T is at version 4.5, I will add a changelog to this page as the version changes.

At the moment you may only find LWB0T on irc.lone0001.ca in #LW-Main.

You may find a full list of commands and what they do here, taken straight from LWB0T’s help command (!lwhelp).

If you have a suggestion or a bug/glitch you found to report please contact me via the contact form.


Version 4.5:

– Improved quote system

– Improved Join Messages system, syntax is different (see !join help), and it also now supports colour(ctrl+k), bold(ctrl+b), underline(ctrl+u), and plain(ctrl+o)

– Improved Server and Services logging a bit

– Fixed the odd bugs and typos here and there