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12 of the Hottest Geek Girls

Found this on Digg and I thought it would be mean not to share it: I just thought I’d share that I installed Windows 7 Professional RTM and so far I’m loving it, MSDNAA FTW!

Toronto Zoo

Well I pretty much just got back from my trip to the Toronto Zoo, I have added 100 pictures that I took while I was there. You can find those here(in the folder named August 8 2009) along with pictures from some of my previous trips to the Toronto Zoo. The Toronto Zoo website is …

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Passwords Article

Just thought I’d share a good article on using strong passwords, I thought it was quite good.

LWB0T page

Well I finally got around to writing a page about my mIRC Scripted bot: LWB0T, you may find it at the top of this page labeled “LWB0T”. Just a small edit to this post, I also managed to get the RPX plugin installed, you can now login to this site with your Twitter account, Gmail …

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