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Smell of toast

A study done by the BBC finds that a chemical in toasted bread makes people think of childhood memories. I myself am not sure about that, I like the smell of gasoline, I’m not sure why though. Anyways, viva la toast! Source: Today be talk like a pirate day, just thought I’d remind everyone …

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Random post of Awesome

Well, instead of focusing on one thing in a blog post, this time I thought I’d just put some things together that I found. First up, two videos… 7×13=28 A great video which proves 7×13=28! No This is Patrick! An entertaining and funny mix of the movie 300 and Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants. Quantum teleportation …

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Making of OK Go’s Rube Goldberg Machine

Leo Laporte over at the TWiT Netcast Network interviewed the people that made Ok Go’s Rube Goldberg Machine, I found it interesting so I just thought I’d share it. Below you can find a Youtube video of it or you can Click Here for a downloadable version. Leo Laporte also did an interview with Damian …

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NCL Cruise

I thought I would share with you all where I’ve been the previous week, I’ll keep this short as there are a lot of pictures for your viewing pleasure. I went on a Freestyle cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) last week on the Norwegian Jewel. I went to Miami,Florida to get on the ship, …

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Backing up

I can’t stress enough how important it is that you backup all of your files, the risk of hard drive failure is too great to not backup. Also, Backing up to another hard drive and deleting the original is not a backup! It’s important that you have at least 3 copies of a file. At …

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One Frame of Fame and Backupify

Artists C-Mon & Kypski are taking a different approach to advertise their new album, browse over to where you will be asked to take a picture of yourself (with your webcam) matching the pose they provide. They will then add that picture to the ‘More is Less’ music video that already has 8322 pictures …

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Why did the can fall over?

Why did the can fall over?

Video explains all pretty much.

Note: This was not made by me, click on the post to see the video

Google Wave Invites

For those who have still not received an invite, here’s your chance! I’m giving out 3 invites, completely free, first 3 people to post a comment get them. For those that have never heard of Google Wave, here are 2 videos: Samuel L. Jackson and Google Wave Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009, …

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17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat

I just found this on digg and thought it was a pretty good article to share, Seventeen Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat. PS. Does anyone like my penguin’s new hat? Thanks for reading!

15 PDF guides that actually teach you something

MakeUseOf has finally released some great guides for everyone to download, check them out here. I recommend using Foxit Reader, I use it myself, much better and faster than Adobe’s PDF reader.

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