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Top 6 Horror Games

First of all, Halloween Halloween! Instead of doing what I’ve done the previous two years for Halloween, I thought I’d do something different. These are my Top 6 Horror games or the “Top 6 games that scare the sh*t out of me”. 😛 Oh and here’s a pumpkin-man for you, Click Here for more pumpkins! …

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Most Wanted Video Games Infographic

It’s been a little while, sometimes I just get lazy and don’t post for a bit. Anyways, I found this infographic on another blog and, considering it’s a solid list of upcoming games, decided to share it. This infographic was put together by IGN based on IGN Reader popularity. It features multiple categories: Nintendo, Microsoft, …

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Dead Island First Impressions

So I managed to snag up Dead Island for the PC on Green Man Gaming for $34 a few hours before it was released here in North America. 🙂 So far I have to say I am enjoying this game, I know everyone is saying it’s full of bugs but what do you expect? Pretty …

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PC Gaming: Not Just About Fancy Visuals

So I found this tweet on Twitter that linked me to a post on that just about perfectly describes what is so awesome about PC Gaming. For example, it’s not all about expensive gaming rigs that play expensive and demanding games, there are PLENTY of indie games out there which are pretty cheap and …

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Classic Awesomeness

Two awesome youtube videos I found that contain some good ol’ 8bit stuff, enjoy! If you’re reading this from the homepage, click on the post to see the videos.

History of Command and Conquer

I found this 5-part series on the history of Command and Conquer (or C&C), part of Machinima’s “All Your History Are Belong To Us” series, to be most interesting and fun.  It describes pretty much the entire history of C&C quite well (in my opinion), from when the C&C franchise was first started by Westwood …

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100 Best Games of All Time

I was going to do something video game related, along the lines of this but it looks like PC Gamer did it for me though. No I’m kidding, I could never compile such a list, although stay tuned, in a week or so I will be making a post that is similar perhaps. Without further …

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Unboxing of Starcraft 2

Since I haven’t made a post for a while and since I just got Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty and found some interesting things, I thought I’d do my first unboxing post! Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty (Terrans) is the first Starcraft 2 game, two more will be released, Heart of the Swarm (Zerg) and …

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Secret Vault of Westwood stuff

Louis Castle’s son, Tony, takes Youtube user TheDonaldHarris (who is an employee of InstantAction, where this room is located) on a tour of an awesome room full of past Westwood Studios games and random items. Sadly though :(, I only saw 4 or 5 copies (I think, it was sorta hard to count) of my …

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Games from E3

Well I thought I’d just mention the games and things I’m looking forward to from E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in no particular order, I’ll provide a few links for each game. Please note that if I list which platform it’s on it probably is not the only platform that game is for, it’s just the …

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