Mini-Vacation to Niagara Falls

On Tuesday (August 23rd) I went on a little 3 day vacation to Niagara Falls (Canada side of course :P). Having got back late yesterday (August 25th) I am just getting to this post. I Took about 260 pictures or so on this vacation so I figured I would share them. I also went to Niagara Safari (Previously known as “ZooZ”).

I managed to get some pictures of the Niagara Whirlpool and the New York Power Authority Niagara Power Project Dam, some other places too but I can’t quite remember what those are at the moment. Oh and I went up the Skylon Tower and had dinner in the Revolving Dining Room. The quality of some of the pictures aren’t exactly that great but I did what I could considering I had to take some of the pictures from behind glass which light reflected off of.

Anyways, you may take a look at the pictures by following this link.

There are some pictures which aren’t exactly nice pictures but I thought the colours and effects in the pictures looked cool so I decided to keep them. These two in particular, you can’t see clearly in them but the colours are “purdy” (as I would put it). 😛

A picture of the Canadian Falls that didn’t turn out very good

A picture from the top of the Skylon Tower of the city of Niagara Falls

Again, you may find these two and many more pictures by following this link.