100 of the Best Websites

First of all! Happy Canada day! Here’s a flag! 🙂

Canada Flag

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Now on to the point of this post! 100+ of the Best Websites on the Web (via Makeuseof) and they’re all categorized for your enjoyment! Some of my personal Favs:


A very useful site to find information on movies, who played who in that film, how was that movie rated, etc.

For $8/mo you can stream as many movies and tv shows as you want to your tv (via the Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3) or just simply use your computer, an awesome service!


An awesome free service for sharing your photos online with a large group of people or simply, your friends.


Store or share notes with this awesome free service (paid version also available)!

The best damn email service around! Ran by Google, you get 7GB+ of storage for emails and a clean and simple interface.

Google Calendar
An awesome service (also ran by Google) for storing all of your events in Calendar form.


An awesome site that lets you share 140 character messages with the people you follow, also a great service for getting all of the latest news no matter what your interests are.

An all-in-one solution for accessing your Facebook account, Yahoo Messenger, Windows live Messenger, ICQ, Gtalk, etc.


It’s Youtube, what more is there to say? 😛

Another awesome service for sharing videos.


An awesome DNS service that you can use for FREE! OpenDNS also helps to protect you from a few of the common exploits and lets you filter out sites to your preference.

Online Shopping

An awesome site for buying stuff at great prices! For the Canadians out there, there’s also Newegg.ca.

Another great site for buying pretty much anything at great prices! The reviews on all the products are pretty helpful too!
Again, for the Canadians out there, there is Amazon.ca, although I would recommend using Amazon.com because the prices are better (you just have to pay a little bit more shipping).

And that is pretty much it, thanks for reading!