History of Command and Conquer

I found this 5-part series on the history of Command and Conquer (or C&C), part of Machinima’s “All Your History Are Belong To Us” series, to be most interesting and fun.  It describes pretty much the entire history of C&C quite well (in my opinion), from when the C&C franchise was first started by Westwood Studios under Virgin Interactive, to when C&C Renegade was introduced by Westwood Studios owned then by EA. Check it out below:

For more of Machinima “All Your History Are Belong To Us” series, Click Here.

For those just wanting to watch it on Youtube, here are the links to each part:

Command & Conquer Part 1: Supply & Demand
Command & Conquer Part 2: Corporations & Communists
Command & Conquer Part 3: Diverging & Merging
Command & Conquer Part 4: New & Old
Command & Conquer Part 5: Death & Beyond

Thanks for reading and watching!