Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Yes that day has finally arrived. As I did last year I will be updating this post with the costumes I see, the time they come and the amount of people we get.
I’d also like to wish Nuk3d a Happy bday.

All Times are in GMT -5 or EST(Eastern Standard Time)

First trick or treater has arrived…

People so far: 91

[6:30pm] A princess

[6:42pm] Wolverine (I think)

[6:43pm] a Grim Reaper

[6:46pm] The Chipmunks! (two of them anyways, Alvin and Theodore)

[6:49pm] A sumo wrestler and a Tootsie Roll

[6:50pm] A hockey player, a cowboy, and 2 other people I didn’t get a good look at to figure out

[6:58pm] A witch, a person with fuzzy hair, and a person without a costume (lazy person!)

[6:59pm] Two Vampires, quite good costumes tbh too

[7:05pm] Darth Vader

[7:06pm] Five Costume-less lazy people

[7:08pm] A Fairy and a Devil

[7:09pm] Eight people (a Cow, a Fairy, another Devil and that’s all I can remember)

[7:14pm] Another Devil, a person dressed in white and a person dressed in black

[7:20pm] Two Angels, a Costume-less person, and two others I can’t remember the costumes of

[7:24pm] Three more Fairies

[7:34pm] Dorthy (from the Wizard of Oz) and another Fairy

[7:37pm] A Pirate

[7:42pm] A Ghost and two Costume-less people

[7:44pm] Santa and two fairies

[7:45pm] Another Santa and a referee

[7:46pm] A Soldier

[7:47pm] Mad Hatter and a costume-less person

[7:55pm] A mouse, a joker, and four other people whose costumes escape me (I need a better memory)

[7:56pm] Either two vampires or two Harry Potter characters, I’m not sure tbh

[7:59pm] Two costume-less people

[8:02pm] A Luigi, a Mickey, and a person dressed in white

[8:13pm] A Vampire

[8:14pm] A Zombie

[8:18pm] A Grim Reaper

[8:21pm] A ghost and a person dressed in black with a drawn on mustache

[8:22pm] A Lion and a costume-less person

[8:23pm] Winnie the Pooh

[8:25pm] A person with Green hair

[8:30pm] A person dressed in pink, two costume-less people, and one bored person

[8:45pm] ANOTHER Grim Reaper and Ghost, and two people dressed in black

[8:51pm] Two people dressed in black

[9:07pm] A Grim Reaper

and it’s over at 9:21pm, Click Here to see the candy we gave out.

Thanks for reading!