Waving goodbye to 2009

Waving goodbye to 2009, we’ll miss you 2009!

Video made by Whirled Interactive, the people that brought us the Pulp Wave Fiction video.

The best part of the year 2009 for me has got to be the release of Windows 7, the most tragic being the death of Michael Jackson. What is your favourite thing about 2009 and the most tragic moment for you?

I’d also like to know what technology you think has advanced a lot in this decade.
There’s many for me but to pick one I’d say just cameras and photography, with the quality, ease of use, speed and portability, and the inclusion of such high quality video in such a small device.

Not only does this post mark my 20th post it also marks the beginning of new year and a new decade!

If you want an invite to Google Wave just leave a comment and I’ll be happy to send one your way.

2010 has arrived, happy New Year!

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