One Frame of Fame and Backupify

Artists C-Mon & Kypski are taking a different approach to advertise their new album, browse over to where you will be asked to take a picture of yourself (with your webcam) matching the pose they provide.

They will then add that picture to the ‘More is Less’ music video that already has 8322 pictures (as of now) of people from all around the world!
Don’t miss this chance to grab “One Frame Of Fame”! Below is the music video so far.

Instead of making another post (and while I have your attention) I’ll just talk about Backupify here.
Backupify is a service that allows you to backup all of your tweets, gmail and hotmail emails, facebook updates, Flickr and Photobucket photos, and much more!

If you head over to right now you can grab a free account (not a trial or limited account) with unlimited storage and this account is not free for a limited time, it is free forever!
This great deal is only free until January 31st 2010, click here for more details on this great service.

EDIT: It seems they have extended this giveaway until February 15th, although it seems there will be a few restrictions, seeing as they don’t give too many details we’ll have to wait and see.

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