Happy Halloween, I thought I’d try something different since I’m stuck handing out the candy. I’m going to update this post with the costumes I see as they come with the time and the final amount of people(since I have to anyways).

Please note all times are PM in GMT-5(Eastern Canada).

People so far: 54

Here come the first couple trick or treaters, let’s see what we have here.

[6:26]: Two boys as Harry Potter wizards

[6:29]: A little girl as a princess(I think?)

[6:44]: A big group, a stormtrooper, a vampire, a bee, spiderman, that’s all I can remember, sorry

[6:53]: A cowboy and a person dressed up as a box

[6:57]: A bloody ogre

[6:59]: A witch, another spiderman, and a pirate

[7:00]: Another pirate, a cat

[7:04]: Another cat

[7:08]: Batman

[7:15]: A princess and a referee

[7:29]: A pirate

And it ends at 9:10pm, I’m surprised, we usually get at least 200 people, not very many this year, thanks for reading!

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